Save Time and Money With Our FTP Site

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a fast and easy way to transfer your art files to ProVision Impressions.  Our FTP system allows you to transmit files of up to 700 MB in size.

In order to use an FTP site, you need FTP software, such as FileZilla.  You can download free FTP software here.

Once you’ve downloaded your ftp software, contact ProVision Impressions at 440-357-6362 or e-mail at and they will provide you with access information (FTP url, username and password.) 

Launch the FTP software, type in the access information that ProVision Impressions gave you, attach your file, hit download and you’re done.  Very large files may take up to an hour, but most computers allow the FTP software to run in the background.  The FTP software will alert you when the upload is complete.

You can use the access information virtually forever, so after the first set up, future file transfers are fast, taking just a couple of mouse clicks. 

Your files are stored in a protected area. Nobody but ProVision Impressions has access to them.  After 30 days, the files are deleted from the FTP server.

That’s all there is to it.  No more trips to Painesville, CD in hand.  Now you can deliver your art files to ProVision Impressions without even leaving your chair.